Why Does the Dental Implant Process Take so Long Time, Hicksville?

The dental implants procedure is one of the major dental procedures ever. It is the best dental restoration option for people who have suffered tooth loss and are looking forward to a permanent dental solution. Dental implants as tooth replacements are made out of titanium, which is fixed in your internal dental structure, further covered with the help of either dental crown or bridges. They are natural looking dental restorations, which are not just strong and healthy, allowing you to consume your favorite food items and drinks, but also they can be very easy to maintain when it comes to the daily lifestyle of people.

There are no major drawbacks of the treatment option, barring just one- the time is taken for it to be completed and healed. The procedure could take a lot of time or could even be completed in a short time, which would depend completely on your oral health maintenance.

  • If you are looking forward to extracting your tooth first, and then immediately placing a dental implant over the affected area, it would be possible only after you consult your dental care provider and in addition to this, it would be possible if your oral health is great, along with a good enough dental bone density.
  • Once your dental implants are places, it would take specific time for the area to completely heal. This time duration is about 2 or more weeks. However, after your healing period is over, you would want to look forward to another step wherein Osseointegration would take place. The process of osseointegration takes another four to five months on an average, to be completed. The procedure entails the merging of your natural dental bone structures with your new dental implants, to make your dental aesthetics even healthier.
  • There are instances where our patient’s bone structure has been damaged because of periodontal diseases. In such cases, it becomes very difficult to place the dental implants in their mouth. Therefore, another surgery before the dental implants needs to be completed- the surgery of bone grafting. The bone grafting surgery entails the placement of a bone-like material in your affected areas, which would then integrate with your actual bone structure and give you a solid base for dental implants placement. The bone grafting surgery takes about three to four months in itself.
  • If you tend to suffer from periodontal diseases, because of any reason, your dental implants procedure will take up much more time. If not deal with in advance, the periodontal diseases could lead to the dental implants to fail. The separate time frame should be considered for the periodontal disease treatment, depending on your severity and dental health.

No matter how long, on an average the treatment procedure and the healing time would take, the results are beyond any words. It might take one year approximately of your life to completely let the dental implants set and heal, but the results of the same could last a lifetime. And therefore, with such a versatile dental restoration, you would not want to take the risk of losing it.
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