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Your Comfort

Experience the therapeutic effect of warm scented wax caressing your hands while we tend to your dental needs.

Comforting Neck Wraps and Blankets

Have a knot in your neck or a chill in your shoulders? Let us introduce you to a warm neck wrap or a cozy blanket to soothe you as we take care of you.

When you are finished with your treatment, top off the visit with a warm invigorating facial towel.

When you walk into our office, it is like walking into a luxurious spa or a floral shop with the soothing scents of burning candles.

If you are anxious about your dental visit, we can administer laughing gas to take the edge off and become more relaxed.

Drift away listening to your favorite music with are noise canceling headphones, available in all are operatories.


Take your pick! We have a diverse selection of DVDs and CDs for your enjoyment.


Each operatory is equipped with state-of-the-art flat-screen television sets and are integrated to the internet.

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