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Fluoride’s effectiveness in preventing tooth decay, Hicksville

We know that fluoride is a mineral that helps prevent our teeth from tooth decay. It also helps to make our teeth more resistant to acid attacks from bacterias that will lead to plaque and tooth decay. The fact is, fluoride is already present in natural water, even ocean water has fluoride. That is why… Continue reading Fluoride’s effectiveness in preventing tooth decay, Hicksville

Green Tea

A Toast To Good Health With Green Tea Civilizations around the world have used natural herbs and plants to treat sickness and pain. All tea comes from a plant, Camellia sinensis. Unlike black tea, green tea is not fermented, so its active ingredients remain unaltered. Green tea’s protection comes from a powerful antioxidant, a polyphenol… Continue reading Green Tea

Maximizing Dental Insurance

Hicksville, NY – Maximizing Dental Insurance As the calendar turns to November, many people are throwing money away and unfortunately, they don’t even know it!! Many people have invested hard earned income to obtain dental coverage through insurance and do not utilize this benefit. Unlike medical insurance, dental insurance has yearly maximums and these benefits… Continue reading Maximizing Dental Insurance