The Weird but Fun Facts About Orthodontics in Hicksville, NY

The exciting part of wearing braces is that you can embrace straighter teeth right after the treatment. However, there is more to orthodontics than solely giving people a new, perfect-looking smile. If you are familiar with its history – where ancient Egyptians used odd mediums in an attempt to straighten their teeth – you will surely realize how orthodontics have come a long way. There are even records that show how different the previous practices were in this particular branch of dentistry.

Orthodontic Treatment

The popularity of orthodontic treatments is wild!

Whether in the form of clear aligners or metals, orthodontic treatments are impressively popular. Imagine the number of Americans who have teeth straightening devices in their mouths! It springs to over 4 million nowadays.

French-made braces are real

It is the French people who first greeted “Bonjour!” to braces. By the skilled hands and creative mind of Pierre Fauchard, a dentist and the father of modern dentistry, the first true braces are fabricated. However, the materials utilized are more sophisticated: gold wires. The creation of Fauchard had become the basis of current orthodontics.

The star-studded life of orthodontics

The Hollywood stars you see on TV may have worn orthodontic appliances in the past! Selena Gomez, Justin Bieber, and Emma Watson, for instance, corrected their smiles with braces.

NASA contributed to braces

Fauchard ’s gold braces were replaced with nickel-titanium – a metal alloy made by NASA – in the year 1959. Gold is an excellent material for braces, but they are quite expensive, so dental practitioners switched to a less costly option.

The hassle-free orthodontic appliance

Technological advancements made Invisalign possible. This clear aligner brand eliminated the use of metal brackets or wires and utilized transparent trays for extra comfort. Here at Philip M. Tornatore, DDS, Invisalign is the most sought-after treatment of our orthodontic patients. It effectively straightens the teeth, corrects the bite, and mend imperfections without any hassles.

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