Summer Break? Make Sure Your Kids Don’t Take a Break in Oral Care!

Summer break is right around the corner! Chances are, your children are already excited to play with their friends, attend camp, or spend some time at their grandparent’s house. But no matter where and how children will be spending their vacation, it is imperative for parents to make sure that they will continue their oral care routine without fail.

child getting ready for dental checkup

It is easy for children to forget whether intentionally or not about their oral health care habits especially without the supervision of their parents. As a result, the good oral practices they have developed may all go to waste. Plus, the state of their oral wellness may be jeopardized. So, to help parents care for their children’s oral health even with minimum supervision, here are some tips we at Philip M. Tornatore prepared.

Consider a mouth protector

Some kids prefer to spend their summer while playing the sports they love. Fortunately, there is a way for parents to support their little ones while making sure that they stay protected. It is best to get them custom-made mouth protectors that they can comfortably wear as a protection against oral injuries.

Let them drink plenty of water

Children would love to quench their thirst by drinking sodas or juices during summer. However, these liquids can cause the teeth to become more vulnerable to complications. The best thing parents can do is to give their children easy access to water. Buying them BPA-free water bottles they can easily carry anywhere would be ideal. Not only is it the best way to stay properly hydrated, but it also helps in the prevention of cavities.

Provide them with oral care devices

Changing their toothbrush around this time is ideal. When buying a new one, it is advised to bring the children along for them to choose which one they like. The same goes for the toothpaste, let them choose the flavor they find favorable. Doing so will make them more interested in brushing their teeth routinely. Make sure to give them spare ones so that they will have replacements ready.

  • A quick tip: Provide them packs of floss, interdental brushes, and individual flossers to make sure they would not run out.

Schedule routine appointments

If their supposed visit is during summer break, it is best to set a schedule after they come back from camp or vacation. Doing so will allow the dentist to monitor the current state of their oral wellness and get rid of the accumulations they failed to remove.

At our practice, we secure the oral wellness of our patients by offering digital x-rays, intraoral and extraoral photography, cleanings, cavity detection, fluoride treatments, and dental sealants!

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