Root Canal Procedures in Hicksville, NY

A root canal treatment is introduced to people with an infected tooth. The therapy is a better alternative to a tooth extraction procedure since it promotes the preservation of the affected structure. Our dentist at Philip M. Tornatore performs a root canal treatment on those patients who want to free themselves from the negative impacts of tooth infection such as a toothache, an abscess, or teeth sensitivity. Once the dead pulp is removed, patients will no longer feel the conditions mentioned above. Here are the things that take place in the dental clinic during the therapy:

Root Canal Treatment

Taking of X-rays

Getting a clearer picture of the tooth that needs a root canal is crucial; that is why dental professionals do not proceed to the actual procedure without taking x-rays of the patient’s teeth first.

Local Anesthesia Is Administered

After assessing the infected tooth and the degree of the damage, the dentist will then prepare the patient’s tooth. Local anesthesia is injected on the area that requires the treatment for it to numb. In cases where the patient finds it hard to receive anesthetics, the dental professional may introduce other sedation options to ensure comfort.

Securing the Teeth

It is important to keep the tooth dry during the root canal procedure. To do so, the dentist uses a protector known as ‘dam.’ The rubber-made sheet helps retain the dryness of the affected pearly white. In addition, it also decreases the likelihood of the patient to ingest the substance that the dentist utilizes.

Pulp Removal

The main goal of the root canal treatment is to eliminate the infected pulp inside the tooth. But for the dead tissue to be accessed, the dentist should first make an opening on the top part of the pearly white. The pulp is removed using a specific dental tool afterward.


Once the tooth is freed from the unwanted tissue, it is then cleaned.


The hole of the tooth will be filled so it won’t attract reinfection. Also, this step is necessary as it restores the appearance of the treated structure. However, the canal needs to be enlarged before the filling procedure for the temporary filling material to fit easily. Note that among the processes involved, this particular part of the treatment is the longest to finish. If not hours, the completion of this procedure may take multiple visits.

The Insertion of Root Canal Filling

The next visit is when the dentist will pull out the temporary filling on the patient’s tooth and insert the root canal filling. If any medication is placed during the filling procedure, the dental professional will also remove it.


To complete the process and make it even successful, dentists recommend the placement of a dental crown.

Root canal treatment is not as painful as what many people think. It is a procedure that is slightly similar to having a dental filling.

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