Lumineers in Hicksville, NY: Impressive Smile Solution

Celebrities have an immaculate-looking smile. Their secret? Dental veneers. These thin shell-like prostheses mask minor teeth flaws from chips to gaps. The traditional type of enhancing the smile is through the use of composite-resin veneers; however, the breakthroughs in the field of cosmetic dentistry beget the dawn of Lumineers – a modern type of dental veneer. If you want to enhance the look of your smile, Philip M. Tornatore, DDS can provide you with Lumineers. With the use of ultra-thin porcelain, patients can enjoy beautiful, natural-looking pearly whites.

While regular veneers involve the reduction of the enamel, Lumineers no longer need much tooth preparation in order for the prostheses to position perfectly on the teeth, dubbing it as a reversible kind of treatment. With that being said, those who have minor blemishes in the teeth are great candidates for Lumineers.

Lumineers are a great investment as it offers a long-term solution to teeth imperfections. Unlike traditional veneers that can only withstand for 10 to 15 years, Lumineers are said to last for up to 20 years, especially with adequate care. Additionally, the procedure regarding the application of Lumineers is entirely painless. Patients can be comfortable on the dental chair without receiving shots of anesthesia. They are also expected to not feel any teeth sensitivity after the procedure.


Beautiful Teeth


FAQs About Lumineers

Are there any food restrictions regarding the treatment?

You can eat normally and confidently with Lumineers as the prostheses adhere strongly to the teeth.

Can Lumineers be removed from the teeth?

Since the procedure preserve more of the natural tooth as it prohibits the shaving of the enamel, Lumineers are entirely reversible.

Is Lumineers new?

Not really. Lumineers have constantly been improving patients’ smiles for years. The treatment reached numerous dentists widely and is very popular to many celebrities.

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