How to Care for Your Teeth with Dental Implants Treatment, Hicksville?

Once you have gotten your dental implants fixed into your mouth, you would be wondering and looking for ways to take care of them. Well, fret not! Here is your guide for the same:

  • Make sure that you only consume cold drinks and no hot drinks after your treatment. You would not want to disturb the area or irritate it because of anything. You would also want to make sure that you would not eat anything unless the effect of your anesthesia wears off.
  • Try and avoid exercising for the next 48 hours. Any strenuous activity must be avoided.
  • You might experience swelling post your treatment. This would continue for the next 2-3 days. It would slowly and steadily subside after that. For swelling, you could take help of ice packs or a pack of frozen peas to make sure you can subside it quickly. You could take help of your pillows to prop up your head, which would help you in numerous ways for your swelling.
  • You might feel sore for a couple of days after your surgery. However, this can be managed with the help of certain medications that your dental care provider is going to give to you. You must make sure you take them regularly; but only after the effects of your anesthesia have been worn off.
  • If you continue experiencing pain and swelling even after your anesthesia has worn off and it has been a couple of days since your treatment day, you would want to rush to your dental care provider for the same. You would want to ensure there are no signs of potential infections.
  • Dentures covering your treated area must be work carefully and for little durations, to protect the area for its healing.
  • The stitches that you have on your dental aesthetics after your dental implants treatment would stay for about 2-3 weeks after your surgery. They would start dissolving by then though. However, if they do not, you would want to connect with your dental care provider to make sure they are removed.
  • There might be a slight amount of bleeding in your mouth after your surgery is over but only for the next 24-48 hours. But if it tends to persist, you would want to contact your dental care provider ASAP.
  • You must make sure that you consume all of your antibiotics at all cost. You should make it a point to not to skip on any one of them.
  • Try and keep your mouth as clean as possible, with the help a normal toothbrush. You would want to try and avoid brushing immediately after the surgery, for a couple of days.

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