Fluoride’s effectiveness in preventing tooth decay, Hicksville

We know that fluoride is a mineral that helps prevent our teeth from tooth decay. It also helps to make our teeth more resistant to acid attacks from bacterias that will lead to plaque and tooth decay. The fact is, fluoride is already present in natural water, even ocean water has fluoride. That is why water is effective in washing out food debris that may lead to bacteria.

Fluoride Treatment

We can obtain Fluoride in two ways:

  • Topical Fluoride. This fluoride is found in our toothpaste and mouthwash; It is directly applied and absorbed by the surface of the teeth. It contains an effective concentration of fluoride that fights cavities and bacteria that can harm our teeth. Also, we at Philip M. Tornatore dental office use special gels, foams and other substances for our treatments which are rich in fluoride.
  • Systemic fluoride. This is the type of fluoride that is acquired by swallowing, like when you drink water or take supplements that contain fluoride. Fluoride can also be present in the foods and beverages you eat daily. Water fluoridation in the US is also becoming popular, and so it forms as part systemic fluoride.

What are the Benefits of Fluoride?

  • Fluoride can prevent tooth decay. A study shows that areas with water fluoridation have fewer children that are affected by tooth decay. The study proves the fluoride is effective in preventing tooth decay which is why it is advisable for children to take fluoride since it can benefit them in the long run.
  • Protects all ages against cavities. Fluoride is effective in protecting the teeth not just for children but adults as well. As we age, we need more fluoride since we are at higher risk of developing dental diseases. We need to get Fluoride treatments and also intake foods and beverages that are high in fluoride.
  • Fluoride is accessible to everyone. Since you can get fluoride naturally from foods and beverages that we have access daily, it ensures us to have easy access to it. Many foods have high fluoride as well as substances we use daily for our dental hygiene.

When you are suffering from tooth decay, ask your dentist about the proper treatments you may avail to prevent tooth decay. And also, for professional advice for maintaining your teeth clean and healthy.

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