Flexible Dentures in Hicksville, NY: Alternative to Traditional Dentures

Dentures have been around since ancient times. Although the technology was not yet introduced, people in the past were able to create their versions of the appliance. Materials like wood, ivory, precious metals, and porcelain were some of the mediums they used before. But as technology came, more techniques emerged to offer better appearance, strength, and function for the teeth replacement.

At Philip M. Tornatore, we took advantage of a particular denture alternative that more people can be in favor of. Instead of using the usual rigid acrylic appliance, we utilized Flexite and Cusil dentures. For those who are unfamiliar with these approaches, read on below.

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What is Flexite?

Flexite is a type of denture that does not use any unsightly metal clasps for support. The material used is light so the appliance can sit comfortably over the gums without causing any discomfort, thanks to its biocompatibility. Patients need not worry when it comes to aesthetics since flexite can blend with the surrounding oral structures. Using the said denture eliminates the metallic taste that is present with the traditional material used. Plus, to guarantee the users safety, flexite is free from harmful chemicals like BPA and monomer.

What is Cusil?

Cusil is another alternative for dentures that do not utilize any metal clasps. The feature of the said appliance is it eliminates the need for impression taking and also reduces chair time and adjustments. As a result, there are fewer costs involved. The material used for Cusil is a soft elastomeric gasket that grips the neck of each natural tooth structure. It prevents foods and liquids from gaining access underneath.

Although both dentures seem different, do know that they are good alternatives to people who are not in favor of the traditional approach. Instead of wearing a brittle dental appliance, patients who opt for Flexite or Cusil are guaranteed to have a removable, flexible, and comfortable dentures.

Benefits of Flexible Dentures

  • Better aesthetics are to be expected due to its translucency that allows the natural gums to show through.
  • They are less likely to warp or become brittle
  • Promote better chewing
  • Permanent flexibility
  • Lightweight
  • Less Bulky

If you think that getting a flexible type of denture suits you most, book an initial consultation at Philip M. Tornatore! Check our offers under Dentures in Hicksville, NY to get a second chance for your smile.