Facts About Sapphire Professional Teeth Whitening in Hicksville, NY

Isn’t it more gratifying to face the world with a smile? But sadly, not everyone is comfortable to show their grin. At Philip M. Tornatore, DDS, we understand that teeth stainings and discolorations hinder people to smile confidently, that is why we are proud to provide them with professional teeth whitening services. Among the many other whitening brands, we choose Sapphire Whitening System as we believe in its potential to deliver the best results to our patients.

Girl with white teeth

Benefits Of Sapphire Teeth Whitening

Aside from being a fast procedure, Sapphire also serves as an effective whitening solution so people can entirely rely on this type of teeth whitening treatment. If you have tried the over-the-counter products, you know that it takes weeks or months before you can see a dramatic change to your pearly whites. Some professional teeth whitening brands may need multiple visits and treatments before they can fully take effect too! But with Sapphire, in just an hour and single visit, an impressive whitening outcome is visible.

Teeth sensitivity is a frequent side effect of any teeth whitening procedure. And if you find it difficult to bear with this kind of discomfort, Sapphire is for you! The whitening system aims to provide people with a white smile without the painful process.

How Sapphire Is Applied

Here at Philip M. Tornatore, DDS, our patients can either choose between in-office or take-home teeth whitening using Sapphire. But as for the in-office treatment, our dentist can finish the whole procedure in as early as one hour. Before the whitening solution is applied, the dental professional will first cover the patient’s gums using a special gel. Once the soft tissues are well-protected, another gel containing hydrogen peroxide is varnished on the teeth. To activate the whitening ingredient, a specific light is utilized. After the activation process, the gel will then be removed.

A Follow-Up Procedure

Sometimes, the dentist may custom-create a tray with at-home gel so patients can have a touch-up treatment. Sapphire teeth whitening system guarantees people with a bright smile that can last for years.

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