Facts about dental bonding treatment provided by the best dentist in Hicksville

Dental bonding or teeth bonding, by medical definition, is the application of a tooth-colored resinous substance by making use of adhesives onto the tooth surface. A high-intensity curing light is used for bonding this substance onto the tooth surface.
Bonding is used mostly for cosmetic purposes for improving the color and shape of a tooth which is injured or is stained. It can also be made use of for closing spaces which exist between teeth to give the appearance of longer teeth and to make a change in their shape, color or size, as suggested earlier.

What all can dental bonding be used for?

Dental bonding can be used for repairing decayed tooth; for repairing chipped or cracked teeth; for improving the looks of the tooth; to reduce the spaces which may exist between the teeth; to make the teeth appear a bit longer than what they actually are; to alter the shape of the teeth for a bit; as a cosmetic option as against filling amalgams in the teeth; and also the protect a portion of the root of the tooth which comes by due to receding gum-line.

What exactly is the procedure for dental bonding?

There are two formats of getting dental bonding:
1.Direct composite bonding involves using tooth-colored substances to fill the cavities et al.

2.Adhesive bonding – this involves attaching a tooth restoration.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of dental bonding?

Dental bonding, so to say, is one of the procedures which is least expensive and is most commonly done. The substance which is used for dental bonding purposes is, however, not as strong as that of the teeth of the person. Thus, one has to be careful of acts like biting nails or chewing on pencil stubs et al. since this can result in the dental bonding coming off from its base.

It is a known thing that composite bonding is not as long lasting as veneers. However, its life does go on for up to ten years. Nonetheless, precautions have to be taken. For example, things like not eating hard candy, ice cubes and other stuff which can crack up the composite material should be avoided. Even certain other things like opening food packaging with your teeth itself should not be done. Also, coffee, tea and other drinks like red wine as well as intake of tobacco can stain the composite bonding. Best dentists will also tell the patients all these details before and after this procedure is done to minimize the number of problems which can happen.

Also, one should develop habits like brushing regularly with a good quality toothpaste as well as scheduling cleaning appointments with the dentist on a regular basis. How long the dental bonding will last is entirely up to the upkeep and maintenance which the patient undertakes. It is possible to lengthen the duration of the bonding by a bit if one takes good care.
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