Common Types Of Orthodontic Problems in Hicksville, NY

For someone who wants to straighten and improve the appearance of their teeth, an orthodontic treatment helps. Orthodontic treatment is the way of enhancing one’s smile by correcting and aligning their bite through the use of the different dental appliance such as Invisalign.

Philip M. Tornatore, DDS provides an advanced way of fixing bite and smile issues through the modern orthodontic braces option called Invisalign. Invisalign is made up of clear, plastic aligners which gives patients the comfort while repairing their smiles and other orthodontic issues. Unlike traditional braces, Invisalign offers patients a hassle-free braces experience. Since Invisalign is removable, it can easily be clean. Invisalign made it possible for one to achieve the best smile without sacrificing comfort and appearance.


However, before the dentist recommends an orthodontic treatment to the patient, an orthodontic evaluation will be done first. Orthodontic evaluation let the dentist assess the patient’s dental health and orthodontic needs. During the assessment process, the dentist will check the patient’s mouth, teeth, and jaw and see if the patient is qualified for an Invisalign treatment. Invisalign works for mildly crooked teeth, wide gaps in teeth, protruding teeth, and some other malocclusions. The dentist will first identify the patients’ orthodontic issues to be followed by an orthodontic treatment if a candidate. These are the most common types of orthodontic problems that require orthodontic braces treatments:

Overjet. Overjet happens when the upper front teeth protrude over the lower teeth. Before, it was commonly called “buck teeth.” This usually due to the underdevelopment of the lower jaw compared to the upper jaw. Overjet is frequently mispaired by an overbite, but the two are different. Overbite is concerned with how much the top teeth overlap the bottom teeth in a just a few millimeters measurements while overjet have to do with the extent of the horizontal angle of the top teeth compared with the bottom ones. Overjet can be risky to get damaged by an impact. One with an overjet might find it difficult to chew especially on the back teeth. Orthodontic braces can fix an overjet by coaxing the teeth into a straighter position.

Crowding. Teeth crowding occurs when there is no more room for the teeth to fit in the mouth. This hereditary malocclusion is associated with different oral health irregularities such as tooth decay, gum disease, and poor teeth functioning.

Underbite. An underbite is characterized by a lower jaw that extends outwardly in relation to the upper jaw. Underbite could be unattractive and might cause one to drop self-confidence. It can also impact to the dental health of a person by wearing the front teeth and jaw joint problems.

Crossbite. Crossbite is a condition where one or more teeth are abnormally malposed or labially ” concerning the other teeth.” Crossbite may be anterior or posterior crossbite. Anterior crossbite is a reverse overjet while posterior crossbite happens when the top back teeth bite down inside the lower back teeth.

No matter what your orthodontic issues are, there is nothing that orthodontics can’t fix. For your Orthodontics needs in Hicksville, book your appointment with Philip M. Tornatore, DDS. We are located at 404 Jerusalem Avenue Hicksville, NY 11801.