Advantage of Waterlase Treatment in Hicksville

Painful dental procedures and surgeries paved the way for the development of treatment known as Waterlase Treatment. Waterlase treatment was designed to make dental procedures less painful, and more comfortable. The treatment uses water spray, air, and laser pressure to resolve dental issues.

 Waterlase Treatment in Hicksville

Dentistry continues to innovate ways of treating different dental issues with more patient-friendly procedures. If the patient is uncomfortable with painful and uncomfortable dental method, the best option is to undergo waterlase treatment. Here at Philip M. Tornatore, DDS we offer Waterlase Treatment to resolve dental problems while giving them a comfortable experience.

Why  Waterlase Treatment?

  • It manages and removes overgrown soft tissues
  • Expedite teeth whitening treatment
  • Treat root canal infection
  • Helps in the treatment of periodontal disease
  • Helps reshape gums

Is Waterlase Treatment Safe?

Waterlase treatment is one of the most advanced procedures developed to treat tooth, gum and soft tissue in the mouth safely. Since the waterlase method can be harmful to the eyes, a unique protective glass will be provided.

Advantages of Waterlase Treatment

  • Painless and Comfortable

Most of the people are afraid to have proper treatment for their dental problems because of pain. Waterlase procedure uses water sprays which do not cause any pain, and there does not involve any drilling process.

  • Convenient

Only a short period is needed to complete the procedure, providing the patient a hassle-free visit.

  • Naturally Powered Treatment

Since it uses water, air, and pressure, it keeps the tooth hydrated.

  • Accurate

Waterlase treatment can remove even the hardest substance in the mouth(enamel decay) without causing any fracture to the surrounding areas.

Before, During and After the Treatment

Before: Waterlase treatment does use local anesthetics, so the best thing to do before the procedure is to prepare yourself, be comfortable and worry-free.

During: The Water powered laser beam will clean and treat dental issues without any discomfort and pain.

After: Since waterlase treatment does not require anesthetic, the patient can go back to their normal activities.

Looking for a safe and pain-free procedure? Philip M. Tornatore, DDS offers Waterlase Treatment in Hicksville! Book an appointment with us, call  (516) 207-1015. We are located at 404 Jerusalem Avenue Hicksville, NY 11801. We have a caring and dedicated team to help you feel pleasant during your treatment.