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We know that fluoride is a mineral that helps prevent our teeth from tooth decay. It also helps to make our teeth

Sometimes our teeth develop gaps in them. This may happen due to a tooth falling out or being extracted out. This will

Flexible dentures are fashioned out of a substance which is softer than regular dentures. Speaking, dentures are made by a combination of

The dental implants procedure is one of the major dental procedures ever. It is the best dental restoration option for people who

First and foremost, the perfect dentist is a person who is well-qualified for the job at hand. He or she is a

Once you have gotten your dental implants fixed into your mouth, you would be wondering and looking for ways to take care

Dental bonding or teeth bonding, by medical definition, is the application of a tooth-colored resinous substance by making use of adhesives onto

Dental bonding is known as the fixation of a biocompatible material (i.e., composite resin), to repair the teeth that have been decayed

Root canal treatment is also called endodontic treatment. In this procedure, the infected tooth or teeth are not removed but restored. The

Soda Drinkers More Prone to Cavities Dentists can usually spot a soda drinker. These patients are often prone to dental cavities and

Tips for Breaking Bad Oral Habits Did you know that a lot of little things you do (or don’t do) on a

A tooth is considered impacted when it only partially grows through the gums. This can happen because another tooth blocks it, or

While toothpaste [dentifrice] is a valuable adjunct to a toothbrush in oral hygiene, it is the correct brushing action that removes the

A Toast To Good Health With Green Tea Civilizations around the world have used natural herbs and plants to treat sickness and

It’s Not What it’s Cracked Up To Be – Hicksville, Ny While the enamel [outside covering of the crown of a tooth]

Hicksville, NY – Maximizing Dental Insurance As the calendar turns to November, many people are throwing money away and unfortunately, they don’t

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