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Periodontal disease or most commonly known as gum disease is a serious condition that needs the attention of a dentist as soon

Inlays and onlays are types of restorations that can serve as a conservative approach to deal with cavities. These prostheses are ideal

The exciting part of wearing braces is that you can embrace straighter teeth right after the treatment. However, there is more to

Isn’t it more gratifying to face the world with a smile? But sadly, not everyone is comfortable to show their grin. At

Celebrities have an immaculate-looking smile. Their secret? Dental veneers. These thin shell-like prostheses mask minor teeth flaws from chips to gaps. The

Missing teeth can significantly impact a patient. It can result in speaking and chewing difficulties, affecting their confidence, especially when dealing with

Aside from the nerve-wracking quizzes and activities at school, what else makes children scream a loud ‘ouch!’? Probably, it’s a throbbing pain

For someone who wants to straighten and improve the appearance of their teeth, an orthodontic treatment helps. Orthodontic treatment is the way

“Invisalign braces” are the new hype of modern dental technology. You might have heard about it countless of times by now, but

JUVÉDERM® XC is a smooth cosmetic gel filler used to correct wrinkles and folds of skin in the facial area. It is

Painful dental procedures and surgeries paved the way for the development of treatment known as Waterlase Treatment. Waterlase treatment was designed to

We know that fluoride is a mineral that helps prevent our teeth from tooth decay. It also helps to make our teeth

Sometimes our teeth develop gaps in them. This may happen due to a tooth falling out or being extracted out. This will

Flexible dentures are fashioned out of a substance which is softer than regular dentures. Speaking, dentures are made by a combination of

The dental implants procedure is one of the major dental procedures ever. It is the best dental restoration option for people who

First and foremost, the perfect dentist is a person who is well-qualified for the job at hand. He or she is a

Once you have gotten your dental implants fixed into your mouth, you would be wondering and looking for ways to take care

Dental bonding or teeth bonding, by medical definition, is the application of a tooth-colored resinous substance by making use of adhesives onto

Dental bonding is known as the fixation of a biocompatible material (i.e., composite resin), to repair the teeth that have been decayed

Root canal treatment is also called endodontic treatment. In this procedure, the infected tooth or teeth are not removed but restored. The

Soda Drinkers More Prone to Cavities Dentists can usually spot a soda drinker. These patients are often prone to dental cavities and

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